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The Best Mylar Bags for Your Food Storage


Today, we can see the increasing demand for mylar bags. Well, the reason is quite obvious; these innovative bags come with features to help in food storage. However, to use the bags properly, you should know the best mylar bags for food storage. In addition, you should also have a good understanding of the practices of mylar food storage. So, let’s discuss this further, shall we?

The Features to Look for from Long-Term Food Storage Mylar Bags

To ensure that you will get the best mylar bags for food storage, there are some features you should look for when searching for customized mylar bags.

Here are some important features you should note!

The Thickness Is Essential

For sure, thicker mylar bags can be perfect to heat seal. On average, 5 mil is the minimum thickness you can go with if you want to use the bags for long-term food storage. Do note that if you get a thickness less than that, the food inside might easily be compromised by air and sun exposure in the long run. Well, you surely don’t want this.

In this context, you can consider stand-up bags with thicker walls. Why?

  • These bags will be easier to fill
  • They are more durable against puncture and tear
  • These bags are more rodent-proof
  •     They can even block radiation

In simple words, the thicker the mil of the mylar, the better prevention it can provide.

The Size and Weight of the Mylar Bags

It is highly recommendable for you to get the right size bags. Why?

Let’s imagine if you only need to place a few cups into a two-gallon bag. Well, this will end up being wasteful with your resources. Plus, it will also add to unnecessary profile and weight. So, make sure you get the accurate size and weight of mylar bags for long-term food storage.

Quality Is Important

Of course, you should never forget to check on the quality as well.

Basically, quality with mylar bags goes along with some points like:

  • The materials used
  • How the mylar bags were manufactured
  •  The after-sale service

To make it easier for you, make sure to get the best mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Yes, oxygen absorbers are the most important thing to keep your food items safe and well inside the bags. Thus, you surely don’t want to skip them.

Additional Features

When it comes to searching for what are the best mylar bags for food storage, you will come across many features.

For example:

  • Die-cut windows – This is not recommended, as light can get through the window and ruin your food inside
  • Labeling stickers – They will be a good thing to include if you are planning to sell the food items
  •  Tear notches – These features can give you ease when opening and closing the bags

However, the most essential features that you need to find in mylar bags are, such as:

  • Stand-up design – Get mylar bags with a bottom gusset to let you fill the bag while it stands
  • Resealable zipper – It will be easier for you to heat-seal the bag above the zipper

What Food Can You Store in Mylar Bags?

This is another important thing you should consider. For sure, you need to know the best foods for mylar bag storage.


Please take a look at the list of foods that can be stored in mylar bags below.

Brown rice Dehydrated meats Powdered milk Whole-wheat flour Honey
Chips Yeast Herbs White flour Baking soda
Candy Roasted coffee beans Cornmeal Cocoa powder Baking powder
Green coffee beans Chickpeas Salt and sugar

However, you should note that there are some foods forbidden to be stored in mylar bags like meats, raisins, nuts, chocolates, and granola.

Here’s Where to Get Mylar Bags!

Indeed, you need to have a better understanding of the best mylar bags for food storage. Well, we have discussed the best practices of using the bags for storing some food items properly. Thus, now you are ready for long-term food storage. So, where can I purchase mylar bags?

Rest assured that you can get mylar of high-quality bags from a reputable supplier such as The Custom Mylar Bags.

Have a great day ahead!


What is the right mylar bag thickness for food storage?

5 mil should be the minimum thickness you consider for mylar bags when it comes to long-term food storage.

Will Mylar affect or damage the environment?

Yes, at some points, Mylar can affect the environment.

For example:

  • We need excessive energy and chemicals to extract the crude oil to make the Mylar material
  • Mylar can create microplastics that should never be harmful when ingested by humans and animals
  •     The mylar material is not biodegradable at all

Are dry and liquid food items suitable for Mylar bag storage?

Yes, dry and liquid food items are suitable for Mylar bag storage.

What are the types of food items Mylar bags cannot store?

Mylar bags are not suitable and cannot store meats, raisins, chocolates, and granola.

Is there any best brand for Mylar food storage bags?

Online marketplaces are great for searching and finding some brands of Mylar bags. However, you can get the best option of custom mylar bags from a reliable packaging supplier, such as The Custom Mylar Bags!

Are Mylar bags ideal for freezer storage usage?

Yes, you can easily use Mylar bags for freezer storage purposes.

How to seal Mylar bags for long-term food storage?

You can use heat seal devices like a clothing iron, a hair straightener, an impulse sealer, or a vacuum sealer to seal Mylar bags properly. Additionally, you can also read a blog which is about how to seal mylar bags.

Are Mylar bags for food storage reusable?

Yes, Mylar bags are reusable. Even better, you can use them again if they are still of good quality. However, remember that you should use bags that are not damaged or contaminated.

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