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What Is The Best Packaging For Freeze-Dried Food?

What Is The Best Packaging For Freeze Dried Food

Are you looking to know about the best packaging options for freeze-dried food items? It is true that a lot of businesses want to understand the different types of packaging to pack and transport the food. However, it has become a trend because consumers have started to prefer non-perishable foods. In this blog post, we will learn about high-quality packaging for freeze-dried food products.

What Bags To Use For Freeze Drying?

There are different packaging options to maintain the flavor, nutrients, nature, and shelf life of freeze-dried food products. It is important to understand the available options when you are running a freeze-dried food business. You need to choose the best packaging to satisfy your customers.

It is essential to consider the storage duration of your food products while choosing the best packaging options for your brand. Moreover, you need to account for other important factors to maintain the freshness of your products and extend their shelf life. In this section, we will discuss the different types of packing for your specific food brand.

Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are crafted from polyester film that is famous for its barrier characteristics and strength. These bags provide top-notch safety against pests, as well as light, moisture, and oxygen. Therefore, your food products will not be degraded with the passage of time.

You can use these durable bags that have puncture-resistance properties to withstand different handling processes. These bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to offer bulk storage and individual portions. You can use mylar bags as long-term storage solutions to maintain the freshness of your freeze-dried products for several years. Custom mylar bags with logo are also ideal to promote your brand.

Vacuum Sealed Bags

Can I use vacuum seal bags for freeze-dried food? Yes, vacuum-sealed bags are ideal packaging solutions that detach the air from the package before applying the seal to ensure an airtight environment. These bags extend the shelf life of your products in the absence of aerobic bacteria and oxidation. It is true that these bags come in smaller sizes to save storage space.

Vacuum-sealed bags are transparent packaging solutions offering clear visibility of products without opening the seal of the package. You can use these packaging options as medium-term storage solutions to store meal-sized products or individual portions.

Glass Jars with Oxygen Absorbers

Glass jars are the best packaging options, and they provide a brilliant airtight seal in the presence of oxygen absorbers and metal lids. You can easily reuse these glass jars multiple times because of their eco-friendly nature. These are chemical-free packaging options that can’t affect your food products.

The airtight seal ensures that your products remain fresh for years in the presence of oxygen absorbers. These are ideal packaging options to store pantries or small quantities to ensure the ideal visibility of products.

Metal Cans

Metal cans with enamel lining are protective and sturdy packaging solutions for freeze-dried food products. These cans offer long-term safety to your products from moisture, oxygen, and light. You can use these durable packaging solutions to safeguard your food items against physical damage.

These stackable metal cans offer the maximum efficiency for the storage purposes. You can use them to store large quantities of your food items as emergency storage for a long time.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers with airtight seals are engineered from food-grade and high-quality plastic to become convenient packaging solutions. You can easily open and close these containers, which offer the ultimate convenience for frequent access. These packaging solutions are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to tailor to different storage purposes.

Durable plastic containers with excellent resistance against breaking. Moreover, you can easily reuse them to pack your products. Ideal packaging solutions for everyday, short-term, and medium-term usage.

Ziploc Bags

The ideal packaging bags offer convenient storage for different food products, such as freeze-dried food. These are easy-to-use bags that provide flexible closing and opening to provide frequent access to food items. You can use these compact and lightweight bags to package freeze-dried food for travel, hiking, and camping.

Cost-effective packaging options to minimize the expenses for your freeze-dried food venture. You can reuse these high-quality bags multiple times due to excellent maintenance and cleaning. Ziplock bags are available in various sizes, such as large-gallon bags and small snack bags to package various quantities of food products.

How long will freeze-dried food last in Ziploc bags? These are ideal packaging solutions for short-term storage of freeze-dried food for a few months. You can use these bags to get frequent access to your food items.

How To Choose Ideal Packaging For Freeze-Dried Food Products?

When you are looking to invest in the best packaging solutions to store and transport your freeze-dried products, it is important to account for the following factors.

How To Choose Ideal Packaging For Freeze-Dried Food Products

  1. Barrier Characteristics: Select the packaging that provides excellent barrier properties against light, moisture, and oxygen.
  2. Convenience: Prefer the ease of use when choosing packaging to access your food items frequently.
  3. Cost: Maintain a balance between the cost and protection level of your packaging.
  4. Durability: Consider the packaging material that provides resistance against physical damage and punctures.
  5. Size and Portion: Choose the best sizes based on your storage requirements and purpose of using food.


It’s a fact that selecting the ideal packaging solutions for freeze-dried food items depends on different requirements such as accessibility, amount of food, and storage duration. Vacuum-sealed bags and mylar bags are ideal for the long-term storage of food products. Plastic containers and glass jars are perfect for short-term storage purposes.

Metal cans offer robust security to larger quantities of food items. You need to select the ideal packaging option to ensure that your freeze-dried food products remain nutritious and fresh for a longer time.

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