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List of Foods to Store in Mylar Bags


We know that storing food items in Mylar bags today ends up being the best method to preserve the foods. Thanks to their innovative features, these bags can make your food items fresh for longer. Even better, the bags can extend the shelf life of food items for months or even years. But what types of food items can you store in Mylar bags? Let’s know the list!

What Food Items to Store in Mylar Bags?

With all their features and capabilities, no doubt, Mylar bags are all you need for long-term food storage. Better yet, these bags come with the ability to protect against air, moisture, insects, and other elements. Thus, we must say that they are highly suitable for storing food items with low moisture content.


Here’s the list of items you can store in Mylar bags!

  • Pasta
  • Whole grains like quinoa, rye, and barley
  • Dry goods like white rice, wheat, flour, beans, sugar, and oats
  • Freeze-dried food items
  • Baking powder, baking soda, and cocoa powder
  • Dried herbs and spices
  • Dry fruits and vegetables

Overall, one thing you should note is that the shelf life of food items you store in Mylar bags can vary.

So, basically, the shelf life of food items stored in Mylar bags depends on factors, including:

  • Storage conditions
  • The presence of oxygen absorbers inside the bag
  • What type of food items do you store in the bag

In addition, you will also need proper sealing to maximize the shelf life of your food items.

What Non-Food Items Can We Store in Mylar Bags?

Besides storing food items, Mylar bags are also highly flexible and ideal for storing some non-food items.


Here they are!


Mylar bags are perfect to help keep your seeds dry. Even better, these bags will protect them from moisture, light, and air. Thus, these bags are all you need for the long-term storage of seeds.


These innovative bags can help protect medications from moisture, light, and air. Better yet, they are useful for storing medications that are sensitive to moisture or require protection from light.


Mylar bags can help protect your electronics from moisture, dust, and static electricity. In fact, many companies use the bags for storing electronic components, circuit boards, and other sensitive equipment.


Yes, these bags are all you need to protect important documents from moisture, light, and air. They are perfect for storing passports, birth certificates, deeds, and other important papers.

The suitability of Mylar bags for storing different items might also vary depending on factors, such as:

  • The specific item
  • Storage conditions
  • The presence of oxygen absorbers

Storing Foods in Standard Packaging vs Mylar Bags – Which One Is Better?

When it comes to storing food items, such as rice, beans, pasta, oats, sugar, and flour, you have two options. Some will choose to go with standard packaging. Meanwhile, some might prefer Mylar bags.

So, which one is better?

Let’s find out!

Mylar Bags

  • Mylar bags are made from laminated food-grade plastic and aluminum
  • Mylar Packaging Bags are available in various sizes and shapes
  • These bags come with an excellent protective barrier against light, moisture, and oxygen
  • These bags are highly resistant to punctures and tears
  • Mylar bags can help extend the shelf life of food items by removing oxygen from the bag
  • They are ideal for long-term storage to keep the food items fresh for longer

Standard Packaging

  • Standard packaging is typically made of materials like plastic bags, cardboard boxes, or glass jars
  • This packaging doesn’t provide protection against light, moisture, and oxygen as Mylar bags
  • It might be vulnerable to punctures, tears, or damage from insects
  • The shelf life of the food items stored in standard packaging is shorter compared to storing in Mylar bags

What Are the Best Ways to Store Food Items in Mylar Bags?

Storing food items in Mylar bags is known to be the best way to preserve food for the long term. However, you surely need to know the proper ways to store your food in these bags.

Have a look at the best ways to do this!

Choose the Right Food Items to Store

Low-moisture food items like white rice, wheat, flour, beans, sugar, oats, and freeze-dried foods are best to store in these bags.

Look for Mylar Bags in High Quality

In order to store your food items properly, you should choose high-quality Mylar bags. Yes, go for Mylar bags that provide a strong barrier against air, moisture, and light.

Don’t Forget to Use Oxygen Absorbers

Placing oxygen absorbers will help to remove oxygen from the bag. If you place the right amount of oxygen absorbers, you can extend the shelf life of your stored food items.

Properly Sealing the Bags Is Important

Make sure you seal the Mylar bags tightly. You can do this properly by using a heat source like an iron. Or else, you can also go with a specialized bag sealer like a vacuum sealer.

Labeling the Bags Is Essential

Last but not least, you should label each Mylar bag with the food items inside and the date of storage. With this label, you can keep track of your food items and rotate your food supply effectively.

Keep Mylar Bags in a Dry Place

To maximize the shelf life of your food items, you should keep your Mylar bags in a cool, dry place. Most importantly, keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Remember that proper storage conditions are essential. By following the steps above, you can maintain the quality of your stored food items in Mylar bags easily.

How Should You Seal Mylar Bags?

Now the big question; how to seal Mylar bags properly?

Well, the best way to seal a Mylar bag for proper storage is by using a heat source. The best part is that you can simply use an iron or a hair straightener. On the other hand, to get better results, you can go with a specialized bag sealer or vacuum sealer.

Here’s what you should do!

  • Place the food items you want to store in the Mylar bag at the amount you need
  • Place the oxygen absorber inside the bag
  • To create a seal, fold the top of the bag twice
  • Next, place a parchment paper over the folded top of the bag
  • Use an iron on top of the parchment paper and press down for 3-5 seconds
  • Then, move the iron to another section
  • Make sure you seal the Mylar bag tightly and free from any gaps or holes

Additionally, you can read a blog which is a detailed guide on how to seal mylar bags.

The Benefits of Storing Your Items in Mylar Bags

Indeed, many individuals and businesses prefer to store their food items in Mylar bags. After all, these bags are the best way to preserve food for a longer period. Better yet, there are some benefits you can get by storing food items in these bags as well!

Extended Shelf Life

No doubt, Mylar bags can help extend the shelf life of your food items. Yes, these bags will protect your items from air, moisture, and light. Even better, these bags can help prevent spoilage. As a result, you can keep your food items fresh for longer periods inside them.

Very Easy to Use

Storing food items in Mylar bags is very easy. Better yet, you will only need minimal equipment. All you need to get is a heat source to seal the bags. In addition, don’t forget to use oxygen absorbers to remove any remaining oxygen.


Mylar bags are highly flexible to store various food items like rice, beans, pasta, and flour. Plus, these bags are suitable for storing freeze-dried foods, dry fruits, and vegetables.


Yes, Mylar bags are also famous as an affordable option for many businesses. Why?

Because these bags are available in various sizes, you can purchase them in bulk to save money. Additionally, if you are confused about the sizes of mylar bags you can read a blog which is about How to Get the Right Mylar Bag Sizes.


Mylar bags come in lightweight and compact structures. Thus, these bags can be ideal for storing large quantities of food.

Moreover, you can also read a blog which is about the Benefits of Using Mylar Bags.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Mylar Bags?

Well then, if you are wondering where to get high-quality Mylar bags, you can rely on The Custom Mylar Bags. We provide premium quality Mylar bags in various styles and custom sizes.

Have a look at the various options you can choose below!

  • Stand-up mylar bags

With their upright design and flexible structure, these mylar stand-up bags will revolutionize the way you present your products.

  • 3-side seal bag

This bag is also popular as a three-side seal pouch. It’s a popular packaging choice for various products. It comes tightly sealed on three sides. Moreover, the structure of the bag leaves one side open for filling and sealing. Thus, this amazing layout offers many advantages, including maximum product protection, ease of use, and excellent display capabilities.

  • Flat bottom bags

Their trendy layout, their innovative features, and the maximum protection of Flat or square bottom bags come in handy to help you make an impressive product display.

Contact us today to get more options for your Mylar bags!

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