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Mylar Bags for Long-Term Food Storage: How to Use, What to Store, and More


Mylar bags, we know how these innovative bags come up as the most effective when it comes to storing food items for the long term. Better than that, some food items can remain perfect even after 10 years of storing them in the bags. Yet, you definitely need to understand how to use mylar bags for your food storage. So, how exactly do mylar bags work for food storage? Read this post completely!

Mylar Bags – A Intro

Alright, so, what are mylar bags used for?

Well, for long-term and short-term food storage, these bags are perfect. What are the reasons?

First of all, mylar bags provide a low oxygen transmission rate. In addition, the bags come with the ideal thickness of the foil laminate layer. Accordingly, this layer offers your food extra protection from odor, moisture, and light. Also, you might already know that the Mylar material is durable, highly flexible, and even tear-resistant.

How to Use Mylar Bags Properly?

Now, we all know that mylar bags are considered to be ideal for long-term food storage usage. However, of course, before you use the bags for food storage, you should know what food you can store and remain fresh in mylar bags.

Here are the hints!

Flour, grains, dehydrated fruits and veggies, cereal, sugar, pasta, and spices will remain fresh if you store them in high-quality mylar bags.

Do not try to store items like raisins, granola, chocolates, cookies, and nuts in mylar bags as these items will not stay fresh in mylar bags.

Can We Put Water in Mylar Bags?

Well, this is one interesting approach to storing water in Mylar bags. As we know, Mylar is a polyester film that is known for its strength and durability. Thus, we can use the bags for a variety of water storage solutions.

In fact, if we are answering the question; can I boil mylar bags, it is possible to boil Mylar bags. However, you might only use the bag once when adding boiling water. The reason is that the bags will not be airtight any longer.

How Do You Prepare Food in Mylar Bags?


Alright, now let’s get to the main part; how to prepare food in Mylar bags?

The Preparation Stage

First of all, you must get everything set up. Of course, you can take your time filling up the Mylar bags. However, remember that once you open those oxygen absorbers, you will have to seal them as soon as possible.

Load Your Food Items

With a scoop or a funnel, you can load up your food items inside the Mylar bag. Don’t forget to give the bags a good shake to ensure the food particles are settled. In addition, you should fill the bag about 4-5 inches from the top. Also, keep in mind that you should not overfill the bag. If you do so, it will give you more hard work to seal it.

Place in Oxygen Absorbers

Typically, it will take about 2 to 4 hours for an oxygen absorber to do its job. Yet, again, you should try to get your bag sealed as quickly as possible (within 10 minutes). Otherwise, you risk the oxygen absorber absorbing too much outside air. Hence, it will not be able to absorb all the oxygen in your Mylar bag.

Seal the Bag Tightly

Next, you need to seal the bag quickly. How do you seal a Mylar bag? Simply, press the bags to get out as much air as you can. Then seal the remaining 2 inches using a heat sealer or a clothing iron.

Check the Seal

Now, you should wait for at least one day. Then, you should check on your Mylar bag, look at the seal, and see if you can squeeze any air through them.

Do note that if oxygen absorbers have done their job, the bag will look vacuum-sealed.

Store It in a Cool Place

Finally, you should store your Mylar bag in a cool place and easily accessible.

Overall, when you use Mylar bags properly, they can work very well in preserving your food items for the long term. Better yet, you can expect your food items stored in these bags to remain in their original taste and best condition.

What Foods Should Not Use Oxygen Absorbers?

Brown Rice: The presence of oils in brown rice will result in rancidity. 

Dry Pasta: There is no need for oxygen absorbers to store pasta.

Salt and Sugar: You don’t need to use these absorbers for pure sugar and salt.

Can You Reuse Mylar Bags?

Well, speaking of whether mylar bags reusable, yes, you can use these bags several times! In fact, you don’t have to worry about your food’s nutrients because these long-term food storage mylar bags will seal and preserve everything properly.

In that case, how many times can we reuse Mylar bags?

Here’s great news: you can reuse high-quality Mylar bags up to 4 times! In fact, you can simply cut off their top portion, wash the bags properly, and then dry them. On the other hand, remember that you should reuse the Mylar bags that are still in good quality.

Is Mylar Better for Child Resistance?

If you are wondering whether Mylar is better for child resistance or not, well, generally speaking, not all Mylar bags are child-resistant.

Here’s the reason!

Child-resistant packaging prevents children from accessing or ingesting potentially harmful items inside the package. This also means that the packaging must meet certain standards to ensure its effectiveness.

Simply put, some mylar bags might be child-resistant, while others are not. Overall, it completely depends on the design and the closure mechanism you choose for the bag itself.

Can You Store Cannabis in Mylar Bags?

In addition to food items, you can also use mylar bags to store cannabis. Yes, thanks to the smell-proof feature of mylar, you can safely and conveniently store cannabis in the bags. Even better, you don’t have to worry if the strong smell of your cannabis will come out and attract people.

Is Mylar the Same as Aluminum Foil?

No, the mylar material is completely different from aluminum foil.

So, in the context of the material, we know that mylar is famous as a brand name for a clear and thin polyester film. On the other hand, when you see aluminum foil, you will see it more like a thin sheet of metal made from aluminum.

To get a better understanding in this context, have a look at some main differences between mylar and aluminum foil below!!

Mylar Aluminum Foil
A clear and thin polyester film Thin sheets of metal
Comes with a transparent feature Comes in opaque
More flexible and tear-resistant Inflexible

What Are the Best Methods to Seal a Mylar Bag?

Speaking of the right sealing method, we cannot decide which one can help in the proper sealing of mylar bags. However, there are some best methods to seal a Mylar bag properly and tightly.

What are they?

Have a look at the options you can choose from!

  • Try a vacuum sealer

If you want to seal a mylar bag that comes with a special vacuum sealer channel at the top, using a vacuum sealer is your best option

  • Use a clothing iron

The best way to securely seal large mylar bags is  by using a clothing iron

  • Choose a hair straightener

Yes, you can also use a hair straightener to seal smaller Mylar bags

How Do Mylar Food Storage Bags Work?

The polyester film provides durability and strength to ensure tear-proof and puncture-resistant protection for your food products to withstand rough handling conditions. An aluminum layer offers protection against light, moisture, and oxygen. Therefore, your products will be safe from the growth of bacteria and oxidation. These light-resistant bags provide a dark environment for your products.

Where to Buy Mylar Bags?

You can rely on The Custom Mylar Bags as the best place to buy Mylar bags in high quality.


Are Mylar bags reusable?

Yes, you can use these bags several times.

What food can we store in Mylar Bags for the long term?

You can store food items like flour, grains, dehydrated fruits and veggies, cereal, pasta, sugar, dried beans, and more.

What is Mylar packaging?

Mylar packaging is the most ideal packaging for food storage. This packaging offers extra protection from elements like moisture, odor, and light that might ruin the food.

How many times can we reuse Mylar Bags?

You can reuse high-quality Mylar bags up to four times.

How did mylar bags become popular?

Mylar bags become popular due to they have an excellent barrier property to preserve food for long-term storage.

Where to buy mylar bags?

You can buy high-quality Mylar bags from The Custom Mylar Bags.

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