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How to Make Your Own Weed Bags?


Are you searching for the best weed pack design to protect your marijuana products? You need to customize your weed bag in accordance with your brand to protect your marijuana. It is true that pre-made bags may not be the right choice for your products.

You need to create your own weed bags that not only ensure safety but also promote your business. It is true that you will definitely face some challenges when you are creating custom weed bags for the first time.

The initial challenge on your way is cutting the mylar perfectly. You can use sharp scissors or steady hands to cut the mylar in accordance with your requirements. Another potential hurdle in creating a perfect weed bag is the proper sealing of the bag to avoid the spoiling of your marijuana. You need to fill your bag tightly to protect products from external contaminants such as moisture and oxygen.

Essential Material And Equipment For Creating Weed Bags

Are weed dispensary bags smell-proof? The presence of exceptional zippers ensures that weed bags become smell-proof. Therefore, it has become necessary to know the necessary equipment to create a smell-proof bag.

You need a variety of materials to create custom weed baggies that are durable and odor-resistant solutions for your marijuana. Let’s explore the material that aligns with the regulations to design the packaging for cannabis products.

  • Plastic Films: There are different types of plastic films available for creating weed packaging bags. The most popular plastic films are polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene (PE). It is a necessary material to ensure durability and resistance against moisture for the preservation of freshness.
  • Mylar: It is a polyester film that is popular for ensuring the barrier properties against light, oxygen, and moisture.
  • Special Closure: It is a fact that several states ask you to create weed packaging that is child-resistant in the presence of special mechanisms to restrict children from accessing marijuana.
  • Metalized Film or Aluminum Foil: The presence of these additional barrier layers ensures the further protection of weed products.
  • Scissors: You must use the scissors to cut the packaging materials with scissors in the custom shape and size. It also helps you with your weed mylar bag design. A scissor also helps you to trim the excess material after completion of the sealing process.
  • Heat Sealer: This instrument is necessary for sealing the plastic bags for weeds through the heating process. You need to press the edges of the bags to ensure the airtightness and security of the bags.
  • Label: You need to use the label to show the necessary details, such as regulatory compliance, weight, and CBD/THC info.
  • Permanent Marker: A permanent marker is necessary for writing the essential details on the label of the packaging, such as harvest and expiration dates.

How To Design Your Own Weed Mylar Bag?


When you have acquired the proper knowledge of essential equipment, it is time to know how you can design a mylar bag for your weeds through a step-by-step guide.

  1. Select The Premium Food-Grade Materials: It is necessary for you to utilize the top-quality food-grade material for your mylar bags. These materials offer airtight seals with premium thickness to ensure the long-term storage of cannabis products.
  2. Set Up Working Area: You need to dedicate a clean workspace that must have a countertop or table for the seamless process of designing a bag.
  3. Consider Precise Measurement And Cutting: Now, you need to take the proper measurement of the material and cut it for your custom bag size. It is important to leave one or two inches of material to seal the bag properly.
  4. Fill Out Your Bag With Weed: The next step is filling your bag with your weeds and ensuring that air is not present in the bag.
  5. Seal Your Weed Bag: You have two options to seal your custom marijuana bag. So, you can choose one in accordance with your requirements and budget.
  6. Heat Sealer: You need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for preheating your heat sealer and place it on the opening edges of the weed bag. Now, you must press along the edges for a few seconds to ensure the proper seal. Moreover, you can also trim the excessive material easily.
  7. Iron: You must preheat your iron without steam and fold it before moving over the opening edges of the bags. It is crucial to add the necessary parchment paper on the folded section to avoid the melting of the mylar. You can apply the necessary pressure to ensure the proper seal for your cannabis bag.
  8. Label Your Bag: You can consider the label options through a permanent marker to describe the necessary details, such as preservation and usage.
  9. Choose The Dark And Cool Storage Place: It is the most important step to choose the ideal place that features dryness, darkness, and coolness to store your weed bags.

Availability of Different Sizes For Custom Weed Bags

What are weed bags called? These bags refer to the marijuana bags or cannabis bags that are available in different sizes to store the different types of weed products. Let’s explore different sizes when discussing all about weed bags.

Small Weed Bags

1 Gram Bags

It is the smallest bag that is manufactured from mylar or plastic with a ziplock. This bag is ideal for packaging new strain samples and personal consumption products.

3.5 Gram Bags

It is a larger bag than a 1-gram bag that is the perfect choice for the random cannabis user. It is also made of mylar or plastic with the ziplock feature.

7 Gram Mylar Bags

It is the perfect choice for regular users who prefer to pack more cannabis for storage and transportation.

Medium Weed Bag

1 Ounce Weed Bags

This bag can contain 28 grams of weed. It is also manufactured from plastic or mylar with a solid ziplock.

2 Ounce Weed Bags

This bag is a perfect choice for packing 56 grams of weed. Therefore, it is another ideal packaging bag for marijuana users.

Large Bags for Weed

1 Pound Weed Bags

How big is a 1lb bag of weed? How many grams is a pound of weed? A 1lb bag consists of 16 ounces. Moreover, a pound bag can contain 453.592 grams of weed.

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